Explore what’s unexplored,
Uncover the mysteries that lie beneath,
Discover tales from down under,
It’s time to dive right in!

It was only a couple of months ago, when a deep-sea diver jumped into the depths of the Pacific in search of adventure. He spotted a trail of relics and many other objects of interest. He began to follow the trail and there was this moment where he couldn’t believe his eyes. There it lied, a submarine quite old, with discoveries so new. It was in itself a treasure trove that revealed secrets from the sea. The submarine was an adventure-seeker just like the diver and must have unearthed many mysteries during its underwater exploration. It was then, that our diver friend decided to bring it back to the land where everyone will know its story, where everyone will learn of the many lovely tales from under the sea. You are now surrounded by those stories from the sea, the mysteries uncovered, the secrets that were made to rise up from deep down under. Look closely, you may chance upon something exciting.

Welcome to Kouzina Marine,
an exploration unfinished,
an experience unforgettable


Pick from a plethora of vegetarian dishes prepared to perfection by our culinary maestros. Kouzina Marine brings to you a deliciously diverse menu covering a range of cuisines with each dish being as visually appealing as it is delightful to taste.


As you step in, you will experience a different world altogether; from objects that serve as a souvenir from an exciting underwater journey, to intriguing tales from the ocean world. We have carefully picked up intricate design elements to make the decor as authentic as possible so that you can truly and thoroughly enjoy the deep-sea dining experience.

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Explore the mysteries of the sea and enjoy a one-of-a-kind underwater experience, only at Kouzina Marine. Book your spot & avoid the queue, we’ll have a table ready for you!


Created to give you an authentic underwater experience, our speciality lies in our delightful decor, inspired from deep-sea mysteries and tales from the world that lie beneath. More than an experience, it’s an exploration.


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